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Hukum Shahi (Junglehukum)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello friends of nepal & the dolphins!

Welcome to the blog of hukum's jungle base camp.

This site is set up to support the people in the Bardia national-park, to point interested people to them.

In the Karnaliriver you can find the last SUSU dolhins. The only way to help them to survice is kind of a sensible river dolphin watching. When the loacal people can make a living out of dolphin watching tourists, they will do everything what is possible, to help the dolphins to survive.

Picture of one of nepal's dolphins taken during the globalance expedition

GLOBALANCE made meanwhile 2 expeditions to the Karnali river to look after the dolphins. And there is one clear message: IT'S NOT MUCH TIME LEFT!

So if you travel to nepal, think about a trip to the Karnali-river and the Bardia nationalpark. One big bonus is: you will be in the traditional nepal and have not so much tourismtrafik like in the main tourist-areas.

The best adress to contact is Hukum. He's the first and most experienced guide in the Karnali area. He can help you with everything you need for your big adventure. My tip: go for a jungle walk with him. He knows how to bring you in a close touch with the tigers!

We are working out a plan for a complete Karnali program, what will include all kinds of activieties you can do there:

- searching for dolphins

- wildlife in the national-park

- riverrafting on the wild part of the karnali into the slow waters of the nationalpark

- trekking in the mountains of western nepal.

If you join this adventure you will give automaticly support to the local people and wildlife!


Bernhard Bechter

Contact to Hukum: please send him from the sidebar a message if you wanna go to Bardia.

How to get to Bardia:

From Kathmandu is a directly Bus into the village of the Nationalpark. It's a long ride, but it's a gread a 'special' adventure. The bus stops also for food. To get a bus, just ask one of this hundredts of many touristoperators in Kathmandu. It's no problem to get a ticket!

From Pokhara it's also possible by Bus. There is a nightbus (16 hours busride) what stops at the main road at the gate to the nationalpark. You can be picked up there from Hukum or his friends.

By plane: Fly to Nepalganj and take from there a bus or let you be peicked up from Hukum or his friends.

But if you have the time, take the bus. You travel like locals and save also some of money ;)

Pictures from the Karnali taken 2009/2010